Killing Books? It’s Ridiculous To Think So


“Library bureaucrats aren’t books. A single author isn’t the written word. We in the book business are paid poorly for our work, so we tend to inflate the importance of our jobs to the point where any negativity aimed at us becomes an assault on the worthy cause to which we’ve fed large and juicy chunks of our lives: literature, and books, and ideas.”

Why China Will Partner With Disney

Disney Studios

“While the Chinese film market is booming – box office was $3.6 billion last year and is expected to reach $4.6 billion in 2014 – there is still a feeling among domestic filmmakers that scripts need to improve, production needs to become more professional and the industry generally needs to learn from the Hollywood model.”

Will This Guy (Or Anyone) Save The Music Business?


“He is putting songs on smartphones in Africa, reviving moribund American record labels and making Lorde into a Grammy-winning global sensation. Above all, he wants to forge new partnerships with his industry’s erstwhile adversaries — the technology firms that have upended the way people get their music.”

Will Copyright Ruling For Anti-Islamic Film Chill Moviemaking?

Cindy Lee Garcia Innocence Of Muslims

“The video had flimsy production values and was just 14 minutes long, but internet service providers fear they will pay a lasting price for Innocence of Muslims. A court order to remove the anti-Islamic film from YouTube has paved the way for attempts to menace other creative visual works under cover of copyright, some legal experts have warned.”