China’s Import Ban Distorts The Art Market


“Chinese ministries continue to demand high fees for tightly controlled, often highly censored, travelling exhibitions. The only result of the ban is that US citizens and institutions cannot import or collect items traded freely in other parts of the world, including in mainland China and Hong Kong.”

Do The Humanities Really Need Defending?


“They are not under present existential threat. Further: their shrinkage, were it to accelerate, is likely to be less culturally significant than many of us believe. For instance, academic literary criticism could fade while literature itself (and its effects on the world) prospered.”

Being Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch

“One of her close friends — a friend! — calls Elaine Stritch ‘a Molotov cocktail of madness, sincerity, and genius.’ And now she’s the subject of an up-close and sometimes glaringly personal new documentary.”

The Real Guy Behind The Dallas Buyers Club


“Sitting behind a desk. Always by himself. No ‘customers’ lined inside or outside the drab, low-slung office space in a row of buildings close to downtown Dallas. Just this little, well-groomed, cursing man who was shuffling papers, placing calls and working a calculator.”

Will The Visual Effects Picket At The Oscars Accomplish Anything?

visual artists picket Oscars

“It all comes down to foreign tax incentives, says David S. Cohen, who covers the special effects beat for Variety. Cohen says California cannot compete with the lavish subsidies studios get from Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. He says other places can offer about 10 percent to even more than 50 percent back on the labor costs for visual effects.”

Are You Betting On The Oscars?

"Dallas Buyers Club"

“‘It’s by far the biggest non-sports occasion for us,’ says Kevin Bradley, sports book manager for Bovada, a sports betting site licensed in Canada. Bradley puts his site’s Oscar wagering in the ‘healthy’ six-figure range, adding that a lot of money comes from Hollywood.”

Still No Word On Minnesota Orchestra Leadership After Board Meeting


After a long midday meeting, the board came “to very strong agreement on leadership and a positive direction for the organization,” new board chairman Gordon Sprenger said in a statement. “However, we have more work to do before we are able to make a detailed public statement. We will share further news as soon as we are able.”