Why It’s a Good Thing When the News Makes Us Angry

Why It's a Good Thing When the News Makes Us Angry

Alain de Botton: “Beneath the rage, one senses a touching belief that the problems of the world are basically solvable, it’s just they aren’t being dealt with swiftly or decisively enough for the simple reason, to which every new day provides fresh testimony, that we are ruled by crooks and idiots. The relevant insights are there, just in the wrong hands.”

So, Is Ice Dance Headed For Reality TV Too?

Ice Dance TV

Gold-medal winners Davis and White “have a small window of opportunity. The Winter Olympics soon will be forgotten by general sports fans, who quickly will move on to other things, because spring training is heating up and then March Madness is right around the corner.”

A Battle (Lightly) Wages In London, Should Heritage Or Development Come First?

smithfield general market

“In a wise world a way might be found to have the best of both plans. The hall could be kept, along with a new office building higher than the low-ish stepped design currently proposed, which for reasons of townscape feels obliged to limbo dance beneath an invisible height limit. It could be beautiful, this coexistence of market and office building, not a compromise.”