Why Academic Writing Is So…


Academic prose is, ideally, impersonal, written by one disinterested mind for other equally disinterested minds. But, because it’s intended for a very small audience of hyper-knowledgable, mutually acquainted specialists, it’s actually among the most personal writing there is.

Art Is Collective Energy, Right? So The Whitney Biennial Believes

YAM Collective

“Donna De Salvo, the museum’s chief curator and deputy director of programs, said the form is ‘extremely vital,’ offering opportunities in an art market that has become harder to penetrate. The Internet and social media allow artists to come together over many miles, and, as lines blur between disciplines, collectives fulfill the greater need for collaborations.”

Time To Train Kids In Theatre Etiquette?

'Kids are the most demanding audience because they tend to respond entirely honestly to what they ar

“Often it’s the adults, not the children, who are badly behaved. I have seen adult audiences bristle at the arrival of a school party at the theatre, as if they resent the intrusion of young people into what they see as an adult-only arena.”

You Can Ride An ArtBike To The Armory (Art) Show

Armory ArtBike

“The bikes will be wrapped in a removable graphic paper with a design by the fair’s 2014 commissioned artist, Xu Zhen. Titled ‘Under Heaven (detail),’ the designs — based on a larger work by the artist — apply much like a decal and will be removed when the fair ends.”

Amazon Is Doing What Now With Prime In The UK?

Amazon Prime Suspect Move

“Perhaps most Amazon Prime customers will see an extra £30 a year as a good deal for a choice of 15,000 movies and programmes. Or perhaps they will look at the range of video content – not much stronger, as far as I can see – and decide not to renew their subscription.”

Whatever Happened To Sarajevo’s Olympic Architecture?

Sarajevo Olympics Rings

“Thirty years ago this week, the 1984 Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo, the capital of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ten years later, the Olympic site, the city, and its inhabitants were gripped in a ferocious war that still resonates today.”

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Phoenix Symphony Picks A New Music Director


“Tito Muñoz, who currently serves as music director of the Opéra National de Lorraine and Orchestre Symphonique et Lyrique de Nancy in France, will take the baton at Phoenix’s Symphony Hall for seven classics concerts in the 2014-15 season. A native of Queens, N.Y., he is 30 years old — the same age of his predecessor, Michael Christie, when Christie came to the Valley in 2004.”

Brain Scan: How Dog Brains Are Similar To Human Brains


“Like humans, dogs appear to possess brain systems that are devoted to making sense of vocal sounds, and are sensitive to their emotional content. These systems have not previously been described in dogs or any non-primate species.”

The Critics’ “Best Year”? (Maybe It Wasn’t The Best Year For Critics!)

McNulty Oscar Notebook

Rather than single out 2013 as an exceptional year for drama on stage and screen, I posit a different reason for its noteworthiness: It marked the period in which grade inflation by critics became a commonly deployed strategy for dealing with the cultural and economic insecurity that shows no signs of abating in post-recessionary America.