Two Indian Authors Want Penguin to Pulp Their Books In Solidarity With Wendy Doniger

pulp in solidarity

“Penguin authors Jyotirmaya Sharma and Siddharth Varadarajan have asked the publishing house to withdraw their books and pulp them. Both have emailed their demand to the under-fire publishing firm for agreeing to an out-of-court settlement with a [Hindu nationalist] group to do the same with Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus: An Alternative History.”

Should We Keep Children Out Of Museums?


“At one time the answer was simple: keep them out. The pleasures of a museum and a gallery are beyond them, so they’re bound to be bored, or inappropriately excited by the joys of running up and down the polished floors.”

Lorne Michaels, the Kingmaker of Comedy

Lorne Michaels

“His name is barely known in households outside the media elites of New York and California. Yet Michaels has enjoyed a career so wildly successful as to see him named ‘comedy’s most important man ever’ by The Hollywood Reporter.”

What Art Defines The Obama Era? Anyone?


“The Obama era, one that has coincided with greater-than-ever atomization of entertainment such that no one can be assured that anyone is watching the same stuff, has not lent itself very well to artwork that gets at the national mood.”

The Singing Missouri Nuns And Their Top-Of-The-Charts Recordings


“Quite unexpectedly, this private, prayerful pursuit has made the Benedictines of Mary a chart-topping recording industry curiosity. After being named Billboard’s No. 1 Classical Traditional Artist of 2012 and 2013, the nuns released their third album, called “Lent At Ephesus,” Feb. 11 on the De Montfort Music/Decca/Universal Classics label.”

Report: British TV-Watching Fell By Nine Minutes/Day Last Year


“The average person last year spent over three hours each day watching television – nine minutes less than the previous year – the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (Barb) has reported. It also found that 98.5% of viewing still takes place via television sets.”

Is Amazon Bad for Books? Not Just Publishers, But Books Themselves?

Amazon George Packer

George Packer: “Recently, Amazon even started creating its own ‘content’ … In the book business the prospect of a single owner of both the means of production and the modes of distribution is especially worrisome: it would give Amazon more control over the exchange of ideas than any company in U.S. history.”

Believers and Atheists Are Closer to Each Other Than They Realize

God Gopnik

Adam Gopnik: “Surprisingly few people who have considered the alternatives … believe any longer in God. Believe, that is, in an omnipotent man in the sky making moral rules and watching human actions with paranoiac intensity. … But, just as surely, most noes believe in something like what the Super-Naturalists would call faith.”