Free Speech in India and the Problems With Wendy Doniger’s ‘The Hindus’

Doniger The Hindus

“Conservative Hindu groups have been campaigning against Doniger for more than a decade, contending that she misunderstands and deliberately misrepresents Hindu texts and practices, insults Hindu gods in her readings of myth, and crudely focusses … on sex. To her detractors, what look at first like impressive scholarly credentials … are, in fact, evidence of a sinister colonialist conspiracy dominating the study of Hinduism in the West.”

You Know What We Forget to Teach Music Students? Happiness

music happiness

Holly Mulcahy: “One of the most important things being overlooked at music schools is practicing, maintaining, and cultivating happiness. Happiness is habitually pushed aside until an individual’s ideal goal or job has been achieved. With many musicians and artists I know, there is often an unspoken ‘law’ that individuals deprive or deny themselves of happiness until they have ‘made it’.”

Why Are “Artist Statements” So Awful?


The ubiquitous request “Please include an artist statement …” inspires cringes and groans among artists. An artist friend of mine called artist statements “the dentistry of the art world.”

New: Self-Published Books Are Now Outselling Traditional Publishers

Hugh Howey

“Indie authors are outselling the big five. That’s the entire big five. Combined. Indie and small-press books account for half of the ebook sales in the most popular and bestselling genres on Amazon,” writes Howey in his report, which has been described as “the most penetrating, ground-breaking, explosive article about publishing in memory.”

Internet Trolls Are Actually Pretty Terrible People (Shocker!)

E.E. Buckels et al, "Trolls just want to have fun," Personality

They often show all of the traits of the “Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and deceive others), narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy), and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).”

Can Theatre Audiences Handle Poetry Onstage?

Poetry Theatre TS Eliot

“Poetry doesn’t have such a great reputation in the theatre, although I reckon that’s changing. Even 17th-century rhyming couplets can be made to sound wonderfully conversational and witty in great translations.” And, well, Shakespeare.

The Court Battle That Could Change The Way Musicians Are Paid


“The streaming service Pandora is squaring off against Ascap in a closely watched trial over royalty payments. Big music publishers like Sony/ATV and Universal are calling on the government to overhaul the system, and technology companies are accusing the publishers of trying to skirt federal rules meant to protect them.”

Rethinking What We Expect From Musical Instruments


“Digital audio gives us the opportunity to control any sound with a bunch of buttons floating beneath a glass screen, but it also offers the chance to create instruments that take new forms and inspire new types of performances, unbound by strings, sound holes, hammers or acoustics.”