What’s Up With The (Norse) End Of The World?


With Ragnarok predicted for February 22 (yes, of this year), author Joanne Harris wonders: “For centuries, artists, writers and composers from Wagner, Tolkien, and Tennyson to Marvel Comics have taken inspiration from these tales of conflict, companionship and adventure. Why?”

What We Talk About When We Talk About Philip Seymour Hoffman


“I don’t know what demons might be to blame, but as a one-time junkie, I do know that the demons hardly matter. We imagine addiction as a voluntary act, romantic or tragic, depending on our mood. When we try to imagine the scene, we conjure up pictures of the wrong room and the wrong stress; tumultuous men brought low by vulnerability in the face of fear and loneliness.”

How To Spot A Famous Painting In Your (Or A Museum’s) Attic

Fiona BBC

“Every great artist leaves stylistic fingerprints across a picture. This could be exquisitely handled drapery, a unique softness of expression or a masterful depiction of light. A knowing eye will locate and identify these tell-tale traits quickly.”