Dreams Delivered to Your Door Daily

dream delivery

“The poet Mathias Svalina is offering an unusual take on the subscription service model. Throughout the month of June, he will write and deliver dreams to everyone that subscribes to his Dream Delivery Service.” (Available only within delivery area.)

Eve Ensler Shakes You Up

Eve Ensler

The playwright-impresario-activist who created The Vagina Monologues starts out an interview talking about her One Billion Rising movement to combat violence against women – and ends up, by discussing her near-deadly bout with cancer, affecting her interviewer’s relationship with her own body. (includes video)

How The Internet Has Impacted Our Lives


“Whether we like it or not we are caught up in these flows of technology and as we are carried along by the flows, some barely visible to us, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand back and distinguish between what is good about these innovations and what is not.”

A Life Utterly Devoted To Ballet

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.11.01 PM

“‘Janet Sassoon gave her life to dance like the maiden to the volcano,” says choreographer Alonzo King, who has known Sassoon for decades. ‘Complete, total, unequivocally committed, as a performer, teacher and coach.'”

Our Audio And Video History Is Disappearing. Can We Save It?

Media History

“Video tape and audiotape is not a stable format. After 40 or 50 years, they are disintegrating. And the information—pictures, sounds on that physical medium—is disappearing. Unlike a piece of paper or a photograph that might last 100 years, media formats are extremely fragile.”

When Is The Right Time To Make Movies About A War?

Lone Survivor

During WWII, for instance, filmmakers in the West never showed the complexity and cruelty of war, but “today, it does seem to be possible for film-makers to be brutal and realistic before the conflict is over.”

Visual Art – Prices Up, Value Down?


“Going back as far as the Renaissance, artists have had an uneasy relationship to patrons and the money they offer. And the fear of mass commercialization has been a perennial theme of art at least since the days of the pop artists a half century ago. But something different is in the air today.”

Pops Conductor Richard Hayman, 93


“Mr. Hayman was the St. Louis Symphony’s pops conductor from 1976 until the pops concerts were discontinued in 2002. He was also the chief arranger for the Boston Pops Orchestra for more than 50 years, under both Arthur Fiedler and John Williams, and conducted pops concerts in Detroit, Hartford and other cities in the United States and Canada.”

The Real Fraud In The Japanese Ghost Composer Case


“It’s one thing to paint or write or compose something and pass it off as the work of an established, famous artist, like the fake Jackson Pollocks the Knoedler gallery sold to well-heeled buyers. That’s fraud. It’s another thing to create a work of art that is destined to enter the world under false premises, like the Mozart Requiem.”