Jean Babilée, 90, Postwar Ballet’s Great Rebel

Jean Babilee

“[He] gained instant stardom in French ballet as the violent chair-throwing youth in Roland Petit’s Le Jeune Homme et la Mort in 1946 … His extraordinary technique, soaring leaps and masculine power were matched by a pantherlike pounce and a jarring poetic presence.”

Mind Meld: The Genius of Swarm Thinking


“Researchers are starting to see swarms as living entities with senses, motivations and evolved behaviour. … This does not simply tell us about flocking birds, shoaling fish, swarming locusts, and the like. It has implications for how we understand all sorts of collective action.”

The Balanchine Muse Struck Down by Polio

Tanaquil Le Clercq

Leonard Lopate interviews the director of a new documentary about Tanaquil Le Clercq, the New York City Ballet star who inspired George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins (and married Mr. B.), only to be paralyzed by polio at age 27.

Are There Only Four Basic Emotions?


The existing scientific consensus has been that there are six, but a new study based on facial expressions suggests that there are only four, with the remaining two products of the others. Yet some observers, including commenters on this article, question the entire basis of the new research.

Dallas Museum Gets Major Collection of Islamic Art

Dallas Museum Islamic Art

“The Keir Collection, amassed over decades in Britain by Edmund de Unger, a Hungarian real-estate magnate who died in 2011, will go to Dallas for at least 15 years beginning in May, under an unusual long-term renewable loan that will give the museum the right to lend pieces to other institutions.”

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Love The Artist, Not The Man?


“Whether separating art from artist is right or wrong is a question that provokes too many headaches to answer succinctly—but the ability and proclivity to do so is an inevitability of participating in modern culture.”

Detroit Institute Of Art Gave Raises To Its Execs In The Past Four Years (And This Is Important Because…)


“The DIA’s tax filings indicate salaries and compensation for top executives have climbed 17 percent since 2010. That’s somewhat greater than increases at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, and substantially greater than at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Neither of those institutions is getting rescue money.”