So Software Coders Are Artists (Is That Selling Great Coding Short?)


“When programmers say what they do is just like what writers do, or painters, the error is that they aren’t claiming enough, the fault is that they are being too humble. To compare code to works of literature may point the programmer towards legibility and elegance but it says nothing about the ability of code to materialise logic.”

The BBC Explains Why Radio Still Rules [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.18.53 AM

“Plenty of technologies have looked set to curb the appeal of radio – the cassette tape, the CD, the iPod and streaming services like Spotify to name but a few. But all have so far failed.”

Nintendo Is Dying Off


Except it isn’t, maybe: Time for yet another reinvention of a company that has been a variety of things to many, many, many, many people.