“Shark Tank” For The Arts? Here’s How It Worked In Arizona


“Inspired by the ABC series “Shark Tank,” the agency last week hosted four Art Tank events, in Peoria, Chandler, Prescott and Tucson, where applicants were given six minutes to pitch a project or idea. A panel of experts picked the winners on the spot, handing out more than $120,000 in “seed money” to encourage innovation by non-profit groups.”

When Leica Cameras Changed The World


100 years ago: “Suddenly, photographers could throw away their heavy tripods and exploding flashguns, and step out of their studios to walk the streets and take photographs with this new mobile camera.”

Drake, Perfecting The #Artselfie


Perhaps it’s tough to take a bad #artselfie in a James Turrell show at LACMA, but on the other hand, the Canadian rapper (and huge star) Drake gets them just right.

Imagine The Grammys Without Genres


“The fear, which is justifiable given the history of these awards, is that if the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences were to eliminate all of these various niche specificities, the only music that would receive their kudos, and ultimately all the publicity that comes along with that, would be ‘pop songs’ since they are allegedly the most ‘popular.'”

Ukraine’s Filmmakers Are Shaping How The World Is Seeing The Country’s Political Crisis


“As Ukraine’s crisis enters its third month since President Yanukovych’s abrupt decision to walk away from a deal for closer trade and political links with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia, social media activists and local filmmakers are playing a key role in alerting the world to the country’s plight.”

What Happened To The Biopic?


“Biopics used to be a mix of entertainment, education, and guilt-free voyeurism—a peek behind the curtain at people who touched our lives in some way. Now, they’re a contradictory mix of hagiography and revisionism, lionizing their subjects while somehow managing to diminish them in comparison to the products of their imaginations.”