Two Unknown Poems by Sappho Discovered

Sappho T

Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian’s chief arts writer and a classicist herself, recounts how the poems were found, explains how we know they’re Sappho’s, and provides plenty of background – plus a translation of one of the poems.

Painter Bernard Perlin, 95

Bernard Perlin

“[He] displayed a mastery of light and line across seven decades and a wide range of work, including wartime propaganda posters, street scenes of New York and effervescent views of Italy.”

‘We’re Not a Bunch of Dopes Who Scream’: Jennifer Rivera Explains Opera to the Super Bowl Crowd

Jennifer Rivera

In advance of Renée Fleming’s appearance at the Super Bowl, the always-witty mezzo lays it out in plain language for regular folks: “Opera singers have to train for years.” “Opera was into color-blind casting way before it was a thing.” “Opera is not just for the rich. Period.” (Especially compared to the cost of Super Bowl tickets.)

Academy Revokes Nomination for Best Song Oscar

Best Song Oscar Nom Revoked

“‘Alone Yet Not Alone,’ a little-heard tune from a little-seen film of the same name, will not appear on Oscar ballots when the final round of voting begins on Feb. 14. And the Academy will not announce a replacement nominee.” The issues seem to be conflict-of-interest and campaign violations. Maybe Hollywood is Washington, D.C. for beautiful people.

Architect Meets Critics Face-to-Face Over MoMA’s Plan to Tear Down Folk Art Museum

Diller MoMA

“An architect typically doesn’t go before the public to defend a private project. But on Tuesday night Liz Diller of Diller Scofidio & Renfro stood before a crowd of 650 people, many of them her peers, to explain in detail the six-month process by which her firm tried to save the former home of the American Folk Art Museum before deciding it was impossible.”

Classical Music Isn’t Dead, So Let’s Stop Trying to Kill It

Classical isnt dead yet

“There is a creepy bloodlust to the doom-mongering of classical music, as though an autopsy were being conducted on a still-breathing body. … What supports these jeremiads is the implicit idea that classical music is an aberration in the United States, something to be regarded with suspicion.”

How Pete Seeger Transformed Pop Music

Pete Seeger Changed Pop

“[He] introduced American pop to a different America: the one outside Tin Pan Alley and Hollywood, where a volunteer gospel choir could sing with more gumption than a studio chorus, and where a decades-old song about hard times could speak directly to the present. The folk revival reminded the pop world that songs could be about something more than romance.”

Indiana Jones Had Nothing on the (Real-Life) Monuments Men

Monuments Men

They were “a small group of art professionals, many of them from Ivy League colleges and top U.S. museums, who, in the last days of [World War II] and well after the surrender of Germany, secured and preserved millions of European cultural objects looted by the Nazis and returned them to the nations from which they had been taken.”