Why It’s Getting Harder To Prove Things


“It has been jarring to learn in recent years that a reproducible result may actually be the rarest of birds. Replication, the ability of another lab to reproduce a finding, is the gold standard of science, reassurance that you have discovered something true. But that is getting harder all the time.”

Live Theatre Vs. Cinemacasts – Can They Avoid Being Enemies?

Pentabus Theatre's Milked, which was performed in a village hall and streamed on the Royal Court's o

Elizabeth Freestone, who directs a small British touring company: “I’m thrilled live screenings give our audiences more opportunities to experience theatre near them. … But some of the infrastructure surrounding screenings can’t help but pitch one against the other. And if put into competition with each other, venues will always choose live screenings because they are much cheaper to buy than live theatre. The good news is, the problems are solvable.”

Why Harvey Weinstein’s Comments About Movie Violence Matter


“The question is, of course, how Harvey is going to reconcile being in business with Tarantino. The filmmaker has made a lot of money for the company with violent fare. … Weinstein is trying to tip the scales; to shift Hollywood from glorifying violence in films, to showing the true human cost and destructiveness of it.”

You Sure About That, Tough Guy? American Films Begin Reconsidering Masculinity


“Last year saw a handful of filmmakers take on the questions of what it means to be a man in America in the 21st century, but their films don’t celebrate archetypal images of frontier manliness. Rather, they seem to suggest that looking back to these old forms is another broken urge in an age of cultural nostalgia.”

Ex-Theatre Mogul Garth Drabinsky Granted Parole


“The ex-CEO of the now defunct Livent Inc. and his friend Myron Gottlieb were convicted in 2009 in connection with a book-cooking scheme that eventually led to the company’s bankruptcy. The demise of the publicly traded company ultimately cost investors an estimated $500 million.”

As Life For Gays In Africa Gets Worse, Kenyan Author Comes Out


Seeing the ever harsher laws against homosexuality being passed in Uganda, Nigeria and elsewhere, Binyavanga Wainaina thought about his own life in cosmopolitan Nairobi and decided that, as “part of a generation of people in Kenya and Africa who [want to] change [Africa] to be accountable to itself,” he had to go public.

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Conductor Claudio Abbado Dies At 80


“In a career that began in the late 1950s, Mr. Abbado was known for the directness and musicality of his performances. He almost always conducted from memory, insisting that using the score meant that he did not know the work adequately.”