Outside Auditors Slam Dublin’s Alley Theatre


“Reports by an independent panel of assessors suggest that the Abbey is struggling to meet its aim of being a world-class theatre. The assessors, appointed jointly by the Arts Council and the Abbey Theatre itself, gave just four of 12 productions marks that would rank them as very good.”

A Formula For Picking Oscar Winners


Two researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have looked into “Oscar baiting,” making films that are reliable picks for Oscar nods. Along the way, Gabriel Rossman and Oliver Schilke came up with a formula to predict Oscar success.
NPR 01.19.14

One 27-Year-Old Producer Is Saving The Movies

And the winner is … Megan Ellison.

“Megan Ellison is Hollywood’s newest darling. She has been touted as the ‘new Harvey Weinstein’ for a couple of years now, but this week her status was confirmed: films she produced and financed were nominated for a staggering 17 Academy Awards.”

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Savior Of The Brighton Philharmonic Moves On

Brighton Phil

“Brighton Philharmonic said general manager Judith Clarke had had left, five months after the orchestra came within two weeks of closure” and Clarke raised £70,000 from fans.

The Next Industrial Revolution (It’s Here)


“The maker era might not be upon us yet, but the maker movement has arrived. Just who are these people? Like the Arts and Crafts movement—a mélange of back-to-the-land simplifiers, socialists, anarchists, and tweedy art connoisseurs—the makers are a diverse bunch.”