Movie Critics in the Internet Era


Richard Brody: “Being a critic used to mean, basically, waiting for a movie to be released theatrically in one’s city, going to a screening of that film, and writing a review that got published on or near the time of that release.” Not anymore.

How Do We Make Art When Everyone Is Always Onstage?

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame: “Births, deaths, celebrity mug shots, piano-playing kittens, children we don’t know engaging in wackiness, war, poverty, photos of salt shakers and table sets, tales of the mundane, puns: This is all funneled and flattened, much to our delight and convenience, of course.”

Expelled Film Critic Isn’t OK With The Expellers


“In [Armond] White’s view, the expulsion was symptomatic of what he sees as a group in decline, beholden to studios that help foot the dinner’s bill and reviewers who are unwilling, if not unable, to criticize films as eruditely as he can — and thus they are jealous and vindictive.”

This Woman Transformed Neon From An Advertising Medium To Art


“A builder of large-scale assemblages in a wide range of materials — bronze, aluminum, plaster, wood, canvas, paint, found objects and, in the case of neon, light itself — Chryssa, whose work prefigured Minimalism and Pop Art, was considered a significant presence on the American art scene in the ’60s and ’70s.” She died Dec. 23 at age 79.

That Beautiful Place Where Playing Music And Playing Games Converge


“When these so-called ludomusicologists hear selections from the sonic oeuvres of Nintendo or Bungie, they detect strains of creative genius on a par with Tchaikovsky’s allegros. And they’re on a mission to ensure that videogame music is accorded the same respect as Hollywood film scores.”

Set Collapses On Theatre Audience In London

set collapse

“Fuerzabruta’s website describes the show as a ‘mind-blowing, heart-pounding international theatrical experience.'” The set collapse injured three audience members and one of the performers.