The Death Of Pop Music?


“While those born in the Sixties may cling to notions of pop’s ‘importance’, younger generations appear far less obsessive or even interested. Many argue that computer games, the internet and social media have filled the gap where buying vinyl and the music weeklies used to be.”

Why Doesn’t Audio Go Viral?


It’s hardly a fair fight, audio vs. cat video, but it’s the one that’s fought on Facebook every day. “People will watch a bad video more than [they will listen to] good audio.”

New Orleans City Council Wants to Crack Down On Music


“Lawmakers on the city council are now seeking to tone down the tradition with a new noise ordinance that critics have claimed would threaten both the rich musical culture of the city, as well as the livelihoods of its thousands of musicians and the venues that host them.”

The Time Of The Golden Movie Producer Is Over


The 1990s were “a time when the film business was flush with cash, to entice their first occupants into production deals. Studios regularly gave producers millions of dollars a year as part of so-called ‘on the lot’ agreements. In exchange, they got the right of first refusal on any project the producer generated. Life is different for producers in the new, tightfisted Hollywood.”

Is Ellen The Successor To Oprah?


Oprah Winfrey left a huge hole in the talk-show world when she decamped for her own network. But is Ellen DeGeneres, who’s about to host the Oscars, the heir to that crown – or a different phenomenon entirely?

When WILL We Have A Machine That Can Predict Bestsellers?


“This kind of book, Archer wrote, is ‘not favorable toward sex, lust and passion, bodies described, marital relationships or remote natural settings. It also doesn’t like emotional expression. What it does like are middlebrow thematics. Education, law, travel, money, cities, technology, childhood relationships, history and dining out’ are all wise subjects to cover ‘if you’re penning a future bestseller.'”

Google Has Tried To “Map” Pop Music. Weird.

Google Music timeline

“What it provides, then, is a rough-and-ready map of the popularities of genres and artists over the years. Bear in mind, it’s not logging what people listen to, but what they own. And equally, note that Google Play users are a pretty small subset of music fans.”

What Does It Actually Mean To Be “Culturally Relevant”?


There’s room in the world for all kinds of art, and that includes retro art. But I also think that “how does this relate to other things from its own time?” is a more productive question for composers than “does this appeal to young people with mainstream tastes?”