No, There Are Not Too Many Indie Films Out There


Earlier this month, Manohla Dargis wrote: “Take a moment and consider whether flooding theaters with titles is good for movies and moviegoers alike.” Tim Wu counters: “Dargis is wrong: making lots of films to yield a few hits is not dangerous to independent film but exactly how independent film sustains itself – and ultimately how it improves Hollywood.”

Meet the Mipsterz: Young Muslim Hipsters Are Now a Thing


“Yasmin Chebbi describes her style as edgy. She wears vibrant colors, mixes dresses with combat boots, and sports handmade jewelry. She cites her mother, a major Vogue enthusiast, as her greatest style inspiration, and loves making outfits out of pieces that wouldn’t conventionally match. She also wears a hijab.”

The Quick Guide to Mipsterhood


“We will leave NPR, The Daily Beast and others to examine the impact of this emerging trend on American society. What GlobalPost wants to know is, ‘how do we become Mipsterz?'” A photo and video guide. (Hint: Hijabs are really easy to accessorize.)

A New Wave in Pakistani Cinema


“After years of economic doldrums and creative drought, Pakistani movies are pulling in crowds at home and garnering awards at international film festivals. … Taking the power of storytelling into their own hands, Pakistani filmmakers are fashioning much-needed, nuanced portraits of their country – and cultivating a degree of national pride that hasn’t been felt for a long time.”

Is Texting Killing Our Ability To Write Well?


The popularity of “textisms,” a research team led by Australian psychologist Nenagh Kemp writes in the journal New Media and Society, “has not undermined university students’ ability to write words using conventional spelling when appropriate.”

Urban Versus Rural – Where Should Arts Money Be Spent?


“It’s generally accepted – for a host of artistic, historical and economic reasons – that London should indeed receive a greater share of funding. But the proportion of Arts Council money that gets spent outside of London has been falling for decades, even though the Government’s own surveys show that the average Londoner is no more likely to enjoy the arts than his country cousin.”

Interest In Sundance Suggests Indie Film Surge


“The films on show at Sundance were chosen from a staggering 12,218 submitted to the selection committee for consideration, a figure that reflects the renewed confidence in a sector which had been hit hard by the global financial crisis in 2008.”

This Ballerina Danced Through Her Entire Pregnancy


“The ballerina in question is Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful, and the photos she took of herself striking stunning (and difficult) ballet poses while carrying her little baby girl have taken the Internet by storm.”

L.A. MOCA Names New Director


Philippe Vergne, director of the Dia Art Foundation in New York, replaces the controversial former art dealer Jeffrey Deitch, whose rocky tenure ended after three years of a five-year contract.

What It Really Means to Be ‘Kafkaesque’


Think about it: the word is hardly as clear as, say, “the ‘Proustian’ reminiscence, the ‘Dickensian’ slum, [or] the ‘Orwellian’ surveillance program.” Ben Marcus argues that Kafka’s parable “A Message From the Emperor” gives us the real essence of Kafkaesque-ness.

Chinese Women Are Mad for Sherlock Holmes Gay Fan Fiction


The ladies are writing and reading countless stories wherein the detective (specifically in the Benedict Cumberbatch incarnation) gets hot and heavy with Dr. Watson, Prof. Moriarty, and even brother Mycroft. (Wait till you see what the Chinese call them.)

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LA’s New Mayor Meets With Arts Leaders. Here Are His Ideas To Support The Arts


While describing his audience as “spark plugs that can ignite” cultural growth in L.A., the mayor pointedly did not promise to fuel the engine with increased city government funding of the arts. The current core budget of the Department of Cultural Affairs is $8.96 million, down 38.5% from where it stood a decade ago, adjusting for inflation.

National Endowment For The Arts Escapes US Budget Unscathed


The funding level came as a relief to arts advocacy group Americans for the Arts, which wrote in an email to supporters today that the budget survived a “fractious appropriations process and a government shut-down that lasted 16 days” and “avoided the disastrous proposal” in the House of Representatives to slash NEA funding by 49%.