Proposed Guggenheim Helsinki Is On Again


Plans for a Finnish branch of the Guggenheim empire have been very controversial, and the project has been called off and restarted before. But now land has been set aside and the architectural competition to design the new building is on.

Can Britons Save the Red Telephone Box?


“People in the United Kingdom are racing to save a beloved icon, in a mission that in some ways resembles efforts to save the giant panda in China, or the polar bear in the Arctic.”

There’s an Art Jihad in Uzbekistan


“Jihad” has become a loaded word, but a group of video artists in the Central Asian republic are “using it to brand their own subversive, humorous criticisms of the overpowering central state.”

“Print” Is A Concept That Used To Be Dictated By The Tools We Had (So…)


“Really, the idea of an immutable and unchangeable text dates only to the printing press. Before that, every scribe tasked with producing a tome thought he was an author. Like movie producers dabbling with plot, it was difficult for the hand-copiers of text not to make a tweak here or there. Books were ever-changing. Stories evolved. And that was the way things were until Gutenberg’s time.”

Net Neutrality Ruling – The End Of An Open Internet?


“Internet users will probably not see an immediate difference with their service. Consumer advocates, though, warned that higher costs to content providers could be passed on to the public, and called the ruling a serious blow against the concept of a free and open Internet.”

L.A. Dance Project Gets A Glamorous New Home


“L.A. Dance Project, launched in 2012 by star choreographer Benjamin Millepied, announced Monday that its new home venue will be the Theatre at Ace Hotel, an ornate, Spanish gothic-style auditorium that’s at the base of a newly-opened boutique hotel in a 1927 structure built by Hollywood royalty.”

US Appeals Court Strikes Down Net Neutrality


“The 2-1 ruling upheld the FCC’s right to regulate broadband access, but the court called into question the FCC’s authority to impose rules that dictate how broadband providers manage traffic on their networks.”

So Much For An Open Internet


“The FCC’s rules were the only thing keeping Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from picking winners and losers online. Musicians and other artists depend on the ability to compete alongside the biggest companies; we know what it’s like when just a few powerful corporations control our access to audiences.”

Julie Taymor – Out From Under The Web


This was Ms. Taymor’s first return to the theater since being fired from “Spider-Man” nearly three years ago. She knew that, fairly or not, eyes would be trained on Brooklyn to see how she fared. Or, to put it another way, there was “a big Spider-Man hanging over this.”