Who Will Succeed Peter Maxwell Davies As Master Of The Queen’s Music?


“Speculation is rising about who has been chosen to succeed him as the musical equivalent of Poet Laureate, a post that can trace its history back to Charles I’s creation of the title “Master of the King’s Musick” for Nicholas Lanier in 1626. In the 20th century the position has diminished in importance and become an honorary title, but nevertheless it has been occupied by figures including Edward Elgar, Arnold Bax and Arthur Bliss.”

The Return Of The Mozart Effect

Girl playing violin

“Playing Mozart and Beethoven to young children improves their listening skills, concentration and self-discipline, according to a study this week by the Institute of Education.”

Golden Globes Might Be A Bit More Diverse, But Hollywood Isn’t

Golden Globes

“This year’s awards, which celebrate the best writing, acting and production of the year, are being hailed as the most diverse yet, with a significant number of minority actors up for awards. … Beyond those standout actors and writers, Hollywood is still a tough town for minorities.”

We Know Corporations Are Rich, And They Have The Best Art, Too

Sculpture in garden

But that’s not new – there’a a “remarkable scale and breadth of art that has been collected by corporations since the Renaissance, when the Monte dei Paschi bank in Siena decided it needed nice things for its walls and established what is thought to be the first corporate art collection, in 1472.”

What Amiri Baraka Meant To Young Musicians


“Mr. Baraka got himself into trouble sometimes with the things he said, but then he got himself out, too, and it wasn’t his fault if you decided to pay attention only to the first part. He had an unshakable devotion to change, even if his ideas were imperfect.”