Russian Orthodox Church Publishes Stalin Calendar (No, We’re Not Kidding)


The printing house of Trinity-St. Sergius, the Patriarchate’s flagship monastery, has issued a 2014 calendar with images and biographical excerpts of the leader under whom thousands of churches were destroyed and thousands of clergy were killed, imprisoned or exiled. (The publishers recommend it as a gift for history buffs.) Fortunately, the Internet is not happy about this.

The Bechdel Test Is Not Enough Anymore


You know the Bechdel Test: “Do you, movie, feature two or more named women? Do they talk to each other? About something besides a guy?” But Katy Waldman observes, “In 2014, we are still whooping with delight when movie studios depict a woman sharing a snippet of non-dude-focused conversation with another woman? This is not exactly a high bar.” And several other writers weigh in on how they might update the Test.

Report: How We’re Buying Music – Streaming And Vinyl Sales Surge


“The number of albums bought on vinyl increased by 33%, echoing the UK trend where events like Record Store Day helped double sales of vinyl last year. UK figures released by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) last week showed that music streaming was up 33.7% and now accounts for nearly 10% of consumer revenues from recorded music.”

Can You Quote A Critic From Their Twitter Feed?


“Is it kosher for a movie producer to selectively quote from the Twitter feed of the NYT’s movie reviewer, in a print ad, even when the reviewer in question explicitly said he would not give permission?”

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Music Streaming Is Great (It Is) But Arghhhh!


“As with the endless smorgasbord of gummy bears, Froot Loops and other toppings at those frozen-yogurt chains, what starts as a tantalizing abundance of music can suddenly seem overwhelming. That’s one reason why we fall back on the same stuff we’ve been listening to since senior year in high school.”