2013’s Most-Pirated Movies (And The Highest-Selling)


“Despite the high number of pirated films, however, Hollywood isn’t hurting. The latest numbers show that 2013′s box office is poised to be the best yet with $10.9 billion domestically, slightly edging out 2012′s $10.8 billion.”

She Learned To Dance In A Year On YouTube (Here’s How She Did It)


“I realized that things that look like magic are often just many hours of invisible practice. Since then I’ve learned guitar, cello, singing, card tricks, juggling, unicycling, origami, public speaking and design. There’s something really rewarding about not knowing how to do something, practicing like crazy, and then being able to do it.”

Fan Fiction Is Who We Are


“Like a funhouse mirror (usually a useless metaphor), fan fiction isn’t just entertaining for what it exaggerates, but for what it reveals in the exaggeration.”

Is High School Theatre Dying Because Of Censorship?

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.28.19 AM

“Why aren’t more high schools producing David Mamet plays, or Neil LaBute, Yasmina Reza, John Logan, or Rajiv Joseph, and thereby exposing the students and the school community to new works? Because they’re too busy with Beauty and the Beast, Seussical, and The Wizard of Oz.”

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

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You know those weird Netflix genre categories you’ve seen on your “recommended” screen? Well: “Netflix possesses not several hundred genres, or even several thousand, but 76,897 unique ways to describe types of movies.”

Writer Elizabeth Jane Howard, 90

Elizabeth Jane Howard

“[She] won the John Llewellyn Rhys prize in 1951 for her debut novel, The Beautiful Visit. But she is best known for her five-part family saga, The Cazalet Chronicles.” Martin Amis (her stepson) declared her “the most interesting woman writer of her generation.”

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The 20 Most-Pirated Musicians Of 2013


Although these year-end numbers show piracy is alive and well, BitTorrent piracy has been in decline in recent years, Musicmetric EVP Daniel Savage tells Billboard. “Previous research that we’ve done indicates that the increased availability of music via streaming is a contributing factor.”

Lawyer Fined For Outing JK Rowling Pseudonym Last Year


“Chris Gossage of London law firm Russells Solicitors — which represents Rowling — told a friend of his wife that the “Harry Potter” creator was author of “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” published last year under the name Robert Galbraith. The friend tweeted the information, and it was followed up by the Sunday Times.”

Lawsuits Mounting Over Faked Art Scandal


“It has become clear that some of the forged works remain in museum storage, that two were returned to the gallery and that the whereabouts of many more are unknown. Some of the duped buyers are taking action: three new lawsuits have been filed, bringing the number of ongoing civil cases to eight.”

What’s Killing New Music?


The idea that “the audience does not matter as much as “the music,” and that considering the audience as an essential part of music composition is tantamount to pandering.”