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Class Planning, Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts

I’m working on the course outline for my upcoming course, Entrepreneurship in Music and the Arts, at Ithaca College. I have 31 students enrolled – the limit according to fire laws for the assigned classroom. I’ve never taught entrepreneurship to this large a class, in such a cramped space, so I have been focused more on issues of classroom management than course content. And, although the course was made available to students across the campus, it filled up entirely with music students. This may make matters easier at first, and more … [Read more...]

More on Instruction in Arts Entrepreneurship

My thoughts about how to teach, or approach the teaching of entrepreneurship in the arts is influenced by experiences I had on a commuter bus, back when I lived in North Haven, Connecticut. For a period of around a year I commuted to downtown New Haven with 2 other people: one an internationally recognized expert on Shakespeare and the other an inventor of medical prosthetics. Our conversations were consistently engaging and intellectually stimulating. At the time my focus was the education of students talented in the arts, so it seemed that … [Read more...]

Exercises in Arts Entrepreneurship

Here are two strategies that I have used to assist emerging arts entrepreneurs in the development of their ideas – into rich and promising ventures. Preface Students are given the assignment to find a promising area, out of which can emerge an opportunity. They are instructed to primarily look at those areas where they have the most expertise, and/or experience. For example, a pianist might be instructed to study the many innovations that have occurred in the life of the piano, and then brainstorm what works and doesn’t work in its … [Read more...]

More on Pedagogy in Arts Entrepreneurship

As I’ve been working on a pedagogical approach for emerging arts entrepreneurs, I’ve immersed myself in literature and resources on creative thinking and creative problem solving. What keeps striking me is the stark difference between creativity as applied in the development of complex ideas and the creative process in the making of art. The former lends itself, at least to a great degree, to techniques, processes and formulae, while the making of art does not. One is rational, the other un-rational. When emerging arts entrepreneurs are … [Read more...]

An Emerging Pedagogy of Arts Entrepreneurship

He asked, “why isn’t the proposed MA, Entrepreneurship in the Arts a degree in the business school?” – and I heard myself respond that I believed that there is an emerging, unique pedagogy in arts entrepreneurship. As this contradicted what I had been thinking and saying, I found myself deep in thought. I have concluded, at least for now, that yes, I do believe that a unique pedagogy is emerging. Let me explain why, and then in my next post, how. The why is very much based on my unscientific observations of the learning characteristics of … [Read more...]

Staffing Higher Ed Arts Entrepreneurship Programs

In this post I will refer to the 4 zones of entrepreneurial activity that I outlined in a former post. A quick refresher: Zone 1. Empowering Oneself, Personal Entrepreneurship Zone 2. Making a Career for Oneself (and sometimes others) Zone 3. Create a Recognizable, but New Not-for-Profit Entity, but with a Shared Purpose, Social and Artistic Zone 4. Create a Totally Original Entity, Not-for-Profit or Commercial As colleges, universities and independent arts schools rush to include entrepreneurship in the arts in their curricular and … [Read more...]

Qualities of Arts Entrepreneurship Students

Today I was reminded, yet again, of the incredible imagination my entrepreneurship students at Drexel had, and continue to have. Check out Philadelphia Treks ( and Arts & Drafts Philly ( These are only 2 examples of many classrooms projects that have become real ventures. What I find most interesting, and compelling about working with arts students in entrepreneurship is their ability to marry their artistic personalities to their ventures. This quality … [Read more...]

Characteristics of Student Arts Entrepreneurs

I’m often asked if arts entrepreneurs are different from regular entrepreneurs. Given that there is no such thing as a regular entrepreneur, and given that my empirical knowledge on the topic comes almost entirely from working with arts entrepreneurs, what I can offer is limited, albeit interesting. My comparison points come from extensive research, observing so-called regular entrepreneurs and through meeting with numerous experts from various business schools. So here goes. Arts entrepreneurs seem to have little difficulty … [Read more...]

Defining Entrepreneurship in the Arts

With the term, Arts Entrepreneurship, being thrown around, a bit recklessly, but with all good intentions, I feel compelled to define what I will call here “Zones of Definition.” My hope here is to clearly delineate different types of entrepreneurship, from individual empowerment to entity creation, and to help refine what is meant by social entrepreneurship within the arts. Since music is the art area where I have the deepest experience, I have chosen to use it as my core example. Zone 1.a Empowering Oneself, Personal … [Read more...]

Arts Entrepreneurship – -Student Work III

A superb business plan --, LLC Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Kristin Allard, Owner/Project Manager Mike Liu, Co-Owner/Web Developer I. Table of Contents I. Table of Contents 2 II. Executive Summary 3 III. General Company Description 4 IV. The Market 7 V. Marketing Plan 9 VII. Financial Plan 10 VIII. Timeline of Goals and Objectives 12 IX. Budget 14 II. Executive Summary is a new web-based company designed to promote word-of-mouth marketing in artistic … [Read more...]

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