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German opera chief quits over 3m cuts


Axel Köhler has quit as intendant of Halle Opera after having 3 million Euros slashed from his purse and being ordered to cut 113 jobs. Here's his letter. Enlarged version here. … [Read more...]

Baritone is in hospital after accident in Boheme

peter mcgillivray

Peter McGillivray is undergoing surgery today after a freak accident during a performance of Boheme at Manitoba Opera. Here's his account: For the benefit of those in more easterly time zones, a short note to let you know that I'm in hospital in Winnipeg this morning awaiting orthopaedic surgery to reattach my tendon to my kneecap. It eventful performance of La Boheme last night. Standing on top of a table after beating Giles near senseless with a baguette, I stepped down onto a … [Read more...]

A Polish bass-baritone has departed


Arkadiusz Burski has died in Switzerland, where he taught for 20 years and founded the Polmusic agency. Before that, he performed widely in Poland and Italy. The death was announced on his facebook site. … [Read more...]

Jonas Kaufmann: My marriage is over

kaufmann joswig 2006

There had been rumours around for a while that all was not well chez Kaufmann. Now he's confirmed the split on his site: Separation Margarete Joswig and Jonas Kaufmann would like to communicate hereby that they have separated.   Very sad. Many thought them the perfect pair. They have three children. … [Read more...]

Slipped Disc is on the move


In the past two days, more than 248,200 people from all over the world chose to read stories on Slipped Disc. Over the past six months, the site has averaged over a million readers a month, and rising. We are amazed and grateful for your interest. These statistics represent a community above and beyond anything achieved by any other cultural or classical music website. It would be timid and irresponsible on our part to keep this dedicated following to ourselves. So, in the coming weeks, … [Read more...]

Save a life: support this label chief

rebecca allen

Rebecca Allen, head of Decca, is running in Sunday's London Marathon. She has told us why before. Here's how, and it hurts. Make it worth Becky's while by giving generously to MacMillan Cancer Support. Match Slipped Disc's gift. Please.   So my last run in the build up to The 2014 London Marathon has been completed today and my journey is almost at the end, but for millions of people who’s lives have been affected by Cancer, the journey continues. # You asked me who has helped … [Read more...]

Just in: Vienna Philharmonic wins $1 million Birgit Nilsson prize

birgit nilsson vienna

The 2014 award, worth 6.9 million Swedish krona, has gone to a woman-averse orch the diva used to admire. Not the most sensitive of selections. … [Read more...]

A banker is the new UK Culture Secretary

sajid javid

Sajid Javid, 44, is a former V-P at Chase Manhattan and MD at Deutsche Bank. He lists no cultural interests. Lot to learn. He replaces Maria Miller, brought down by expenses confusion and bare-faced arrogance. … [Read more...]

A virtuoso drops his fiddle


Mark O'Connor, the American cross-genre performer, saw his fiddle fall to the ground as he was getting ready to go on stage Monday night in Sioux Falls, SD. The instrument, made for him in 2002 by Portland luthier John Cooper, suffered two dreadful cracks. Here's Mark's firsthand account of the disaster:       My back was turned, as I heard it hit the ground. I swung around hoping that the violin would survive the fall as I needed to go immediately to the stage … [Read more...]

A symphony for football’s dead

hillsborough fans

Michael Nyman has written a symphony for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra containing the 96 names of innocent football fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster 25 years ago. The composer hopes it will make 'a small but significant contribution to the healing process for the families. The premiere is in Liverpool on July 5.   … [Read more...]

David Cameron becomes first PM since Thatcher to cut a record

margaret thatcher copland

Maggie in her heyday narrated Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait with orchestra for EMI. Now David Cameron has gone into studio for Decca to recite a Rupert Brooke poem for charity. Details here.                                         … [Read more...]

Boris, the busker’s friend

boris johnson

This just in from City Hall, believe it or not: Mayor urges young musicians to sign up for Gigs busking competition and launches #BackBuskingcampaign to support capital's street musicians   Reams of red tape and a myriad of confusing rules could force talented buskers off London's streets, the Mayor Boris Johnson has warned as he launched a new campaign to nurture the capital's street musicians.   As this year's Gigs busking competition gets underway, the Mayor … [Read more...]

Gone: UK Culture Secretary quits

maria miller

No tears will be shed for Maria Miller, who diddled her expenses and grudged her apology to Parliament. She was an arts agnostic who cared little for the vibrant and varied cultures she was supposed to promote and protect. Report here. … [Read more...]

San Diego Opera fans sing out at city council meeting

san diego opera

It looks and sounds like a professional chorus turned into a flash mob of survival fighters. The council seem to like it. Watch. … [Read more...]

Transfer news: Manchester signs French striker

renaud capucon

The Royal Northern College of Music announces today it has hooked the  French violinist Renaud Capuçon on a one-year contract as International Chair in Violin. Class act. … [Read more...]

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