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Video: US Olympic gold medallist rejoices with his violin

Gold Medalist Charlie White plays his violin on The Today Show.



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  1. Nice try for a gold medalist. Non-vibrato, quasi-Baroque-pure — probably not intentionally. Can you imagine White and Vanessa-Mae going at the Bach Double? I shudder, and not from the cold in Sochi.

  2. MarieTherese says:

    Charlie never claimed to be a professional musician and considering the amount of time a top-level skater spends in training (on and off the ice), I’m happy to see that he considers music an important enough component of his life to continue to play the violin.

  3. Well said MarieTherese. I am sure he must find music making really relaxing when compared to his sport and it is nice to see a top athlete playing an instrument – at whatever level.

  4. Seems there are a few former music students amongst the Olympic figure skaters. Patrick Chan, Canadian, is an accomplished pianist.

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