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New York Phil’s under-baton gets snapped by agent

The new Associate Condutor of the NY Philharmonic, Case Scaglione, has got a second foot on the ladder.  He’s been signed by the shrewd Linda Marks at H-P. See here.



case scag

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  1. Is it shrewd, or merely opportunistic to take on a young artist as soon as they have a title to their name?

  2. Dirk Flentrop says:


  3. He’s been at the Philharmonic for several years and isn’t “new”. In fact he may be already the Outgoing Assistant Conductor Designate. ;)

  4. And? So??

  5. Actually, he is the new Associate Conductor beginning next season.

  6. Wait. Does this mean he left IMG artists for good? Why, it does!

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