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Move over, Renée. Anna is both opening and closing the Sochi Olympics

We hear that Anna Netrebko will sing the Russian national anthem at both opening and closing ceremonies of the Putin Games.

netrebko snow

netrebko snow

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  1. Paul Sullivan says:

    I think the Russian National anthem is about one of the best. It would be great to see her backed up by the Twice Red-Bannered Red Army Chorus!

  2. I won’t be watching any part of this homophobic Olympics.

  3. Was the Russia the Beautiful also written by a Lesbian, who fell out with the ruling party because of its xenophobia, like America the Beautiful?

  4. Zachary Floreta says:

    Yesterday for the first time I heard a Netrebko at the opening of the Olympics, struggling a bit.
    To me the Olympic anthem is a music made out of leftovers.even an operatic voice in a beautiful dress could not help.

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