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Kiev pianist bravely shows her face

Various opposition supporters have played the piano in Maidan Square during the Ukraine upheavals, taking care to conceal their identity. Today, a young woman played Chopin in the square, free of any disguise. It appears she has been the one who played all along.

kiev pianist

Any record label with a scintilla of news sense would sign her debut album without delay. Hers is the face of courage.

(We have her name and contact details but will not share them without her consent).

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  1. Daniel Rowland says:

    It’s my friend the wonderful Natacha Kudritskaya!! :)

  2. M.A. Steinberger says:

    And the creeps around here think they are brave for driving like idiots at twice the speed limit…
    This is true courage.

  3. Fergus Johnston says:
  4. This is a wonderful inspiration – how many of us forget the power of music in this in which we live.

  5. R. James Tobin says:

    Would someone please identify what she is playing? Thanks.

  6. Michael R. Dennis says:

    Kyiv, not Kiev…

    • Thank you. i am sure this young woman fighting for her country’s freedom would appreciate this correction, also.

      • Michael R. Dennis says:

        “Kiev” is the Russian name, “Kyiv” is the Ukrainian name. She’s protesting Russian involvement in Ukraine, so… yes… Given the history, this is a horrible typo which is ongoing on this site.

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