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Band bills US Govt for using its music in Guantanamo torture

The Canadian electronic group Skinny Puppy, hearing that their loudest blasts had been used on prisoners in Gitmo, have decided they want to be paid for unauthorised use of their copyright material. This will set a few precedents if it ever comes to court. Read here.


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  1. Sanda Schuldmann says:

    Great idea. I hope they ask for payment retroactively as well!

  2. Typical USA.

    Why don’t they use the music of a Dead American like Morton Feldman.

    His music would be enough to drive Anyone insane.

  3. This would be a delicious irony if the underlying situation of Guantanamo prison, its cruel and unusual punishment- aka torture- and denial of due process and habeas corpus rights to those who should have been released years ago, and others who should have been tried years ago (rights previously upheld by the Supreme Court but violated with impunity by the U.S. military and the Department of Justice) were not so horrendous. Yet, here we have a U.S. government also seeking to impose draconian penalties on copyright violators while committing the very same violations they would penalize. Maybe the officials responsible should be shipped off to Guantanamo and given the orange jumpsuits. Certainly, those running the prison and in the chain of command above them should be arrested and detained indefinitely.

  4. Funny idea, but nothing will come of it. The reason why the U.S. has a Git-mo in the first place is to avoid the law.

  5. Unfortunately, you’re right.

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