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Watch Poulenc play, chez lui

There is a September fly crawling across his score and a housekeeper shouting in the background. Salvador Dali could have made this film.

poulenc hands

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  1. Tom Emlyn Williams says:

    Not one fly but at least two!

  2. Nigel Simeone says:

    What a wonderful clip! The comments in the original youtube upload say this is Poulenc playing “Figure humaine”, but in fact it’s music from the ballet “Les Animaux modèles”.

  3. Steve Foster says:

    It was well known that Dali didn’t care for music much.

  4. Beautiful piece & beautifully played. This was a great musician and wonderful composer with an utterly sensitive taste.

  5. Cigarette ashtray at the end of the keyboard. Classy!

    • Russell Platt says:

      Gitanes, or Gauloises? Or maybe Dunhills, smuggled through the diplomatic pouch. (Elliott Carter told a tale of how Ravel, for his U.S. tour, packed an entire suitcase full of Gauloises.)

  6. Salvador Dali could have made this film.

    I believe ‘long before the days of Big Music Biz Marketing Machine’ is more appropriate.

  7. Out of tune pianos are so colorful!

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