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Opera house offers reward for stolen saxophone

The Opéra de Lyon has launched an appeal to recover a saxophone that was stolen from jazz player Jacques Schwarz-Bart on the Paris-Lyon TGV.

A reward of 300 euros will be paid to whoever returns the instrument,  a bronze saxophone, made in 1954, Selmer Mark VI Tenor, serial number 57320.

Jacques Schwartz-Bart, 51, is the son of two writers Simone and André Schwarz-Bart. His father is the author of the haunting 1959 novel, The Last of the Just.


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  1. How terrible !! I used to own one of those (very close in serial no. to that one) and they are indeed very beautiful horns. May the thief get some conscience and return it immediately !!!

  2. The Selmer Mark VI series is legendary. [redacted]

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