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New video: A bass player’s review of Fox News

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  1. Donald Wright says:

    Well, as she said, it’s single-digit weather!

  2. Many years ago, during a broadcast of “Monday Night (American) Football”, at a time when the Houston Oilers were really bad, the camera zoomed in on a solitary fan, who looked up and slowly raised his middle finger.

    There was a brief pause and then Don Meredith, one of the announcers, said, “Well, there’s one Oilers fan who still thinks his team is #1.”

  3. Proof – if more proof were needed – that art does not necessarily make you cultured.

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      You can be “cultured” and still express your dislikes emphatically or graphically. Not being outspoken – in word or gesture – does not automatically make you “cultured”. It just makes you repressed.

  4. This is not Fox News Channel. And, anyway, the bassist seems unlikely to have seen the mic flag.

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