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Met parts with publisher after less than three months

In mid-October, Opera News – journal of the Metropolitan Opera Guild – hired the experienced Pamela Dunaway as its new publisher, responsible for ‘all areas of the magazine’s operations.’

Today, we hear, she’s gone.

What happened, anyone know?

Pamela Dunaway314_1

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  1. October was just about the last time I saw an issue of Opera News. Have they still been publishing it since then?

  2. Opera Lover says:

    Of course it’s still publishing. The February issue still lists Pamela as publisher. Must’ve happened pretty recently. I can’t imagine that she had anything to do with a scam (reported in the newest issue) involving a fake company soliciting subscription renewals. Why not call F. Paul Driscoll to find out?

    • Well I havenlt seen it. i used to see it all the time in booxstiores, libraries ect. But since this fall not at all

  3. Opera Snooze hasn’t been the same since Robert Jacobsen’s era. It starts from the head down.

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