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Lucky they put the accent on the ‘ó’

colon ring

Imagine how it would have been pronounced otherwise.

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  1. ó no!

  2. It might have been quite apt, considering the whiff of sulphur which accompanied its difficult conception…

  3. David Boxwell says:

    If you make the mistake of watching the train-wreck known as “The Colon Ring,” your telephone will ring, and you _will_ die!

  4. It would have been pronounced like Collon.


    Frequently English-language publications lack the enye or tilde for the letter n,e.g. ñ. When writing about Cien Años de Soledad ( One Hundred Years of Solitude) by Gabriel García Márquez, we often see the word ANOS with out the tilde,Ñ. Which would be an anatomical reference worthy of a congress of proctologists: ONE HUNDRED ANUSES.

    • A slightly more “correct” translation will be ONE HUNDRED SOLITARY ANUSES. It sounds gross but…there it is language for you. The solution: do not translate anything and become a polyglot (it also sounds kind of gross.)

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