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New service: Japan Airlines offers free protective cases for some instruments

Message on the JAL website:


japan guitar case

“At JAL for outgoing instrument service, we offer small and large instrument cases to support our customers on trips with important instruments.
Now in response to customer feedback we have dispatched guitar sized cases (137cm x 44cm x 21cm) to all airports offering domestic flights. Until now, in such a case you would have to check it as fragile baggage, but from now you can ask for our guitar-exclusive case. JAL will continue to provide you with the best possible service in the future.”

Good thinking. More here.

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  1. francois grillot says:

    What? no contrabass case? damn!! i doomed!!!

  2. Heartwarming news!
    And typical of Japanese culture and a value system that prizes art and beauty.

  3. Super idea. Thank you Japan Airlines for leading the way.

  4. Notting Dueing says:

    This isn’t clear. Are people with valuable instruments traveling with no hard cases? Or is this an extra case to go around your case?

  5. It looks like an extra case to go around your case. Query: Don’t forget to bring the bubble wrap or styrofoam.

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