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Anna Netrebko in training for Winter Olympics

In a hazardous balcony scene, the Russian diva comes out this morning singing, ‘my tiny toes are frozen’.

Feel free to add your own captions.

netrebko snow

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  1. Monteverdi's Disciple says:

    I wish I had her indoor pool!

  2. nice balcony!

  3. “The Fleming woman has been getting a lot of positive press lately, so I thought I’d stand on my balcony in my bathing suit to show what really matters.”

  4. I think that she’s losing it.

  5. Open the door, Hal!

  6. Ouff! Pour Mimi, no wonder she never got well….

  7. John kelly says:

    Announcement to Met audience, just before curtain………”Ms Netrebko regrets she is indisposed……her part will be taken by……….”

    I doubt Mr. Gelb is impressed by these shenanigans. He probably reads Slipped Disc too……..

  8. Jeffrey Levenson says:

    Fire and ice baby!


  10. Oh, thought she was “ill” when she cancelled a few days ago when Elisir opened… is she trying to get sick for real this time?

  11. OT: I suppose you heard about Vanessa-Mae’s success in qualifying for Sochi?

  12. Just training for Sochi — here I come, Vlad!

  13. Singin’ in the Snow!

  14. La Bellissima may turn blueissima.

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