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New video: Yo-Yo Ma pops up… in a mall near you


Here’s the link. Just click.

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  1. Efforts like this should be applauded, of course, but that news report was truly awful. Nowhere did they say who organized the performance, why Ma was there, who the other musicians were. Just a lot of gushy reactions from shoppers.

  2. As Brian says, great idea, rubbish coverage.

    It does remind me of the day Slava played at the Berlin Wall.

  3. Wonderful, but not a mention of the CSO…. shame.

    I believe this was to celebrate a new arts initiative of some kind? but I will never learn what kind from this.

  4. And here is a link to the entire pop-up (just over 18 minutes). It is the Chicago Civic Orchestra (not the CSO).

  5. What can you expect from a generation of TV anchors whose only qualifiers are “awesome” and “amazing”? To some extent, this event was both, but these words are so devalued in daily usage that they were as meaningless as the rest of the so-called report. It was a charming Christmas shopping story, but a few of the surrounding details might have been useful.

    I suppose all those thrilled shoppers would never darken the doors of a concert hall unless the soloist du jour was as famous as Yo-Yo Ma. Not realising that the “beautiful music” acknowledged by one shopper was a product of ALL the musicians there.

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