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New video: In the Ukrainian revolution, a pianist plays Chopin’s revolutionary étude

Antoinette, a Kiev Conservatory student, plays Chopin’s Revolutionary etude in the thick of the Khreschyatik, centre of Kiev. Antoinette is quoted as saying: ‘We are a European country and value European classical music.’ Our man on the spot writes: ‘As the guys were lugging the piano to the spot, they got help from other protesters by shouting out ‘Make way! Musical Berkut!’ (The Berkut are the heavy militia who tried to bust up the demo at its start).’

UPDATE: More from our man on the spot: I went for a stroll after sending you the YouTube link and found another musician on the main platform at the Maidan – Vytauatas Landsbergis, renowned biographer of the composer Ciurlionis, and the first Head of State of Independent Lithuania. Nice speech (’25 years ago we were in the position you are now’) and very warmly received by the crowd.

kiev revolution

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  1. I’m surprised that the piano was OK in such cold weather. Also, I see that the pianist is wearing gloves. She’s got a great spirit.

    • The piano was not ok. The lower C was sticking and not returning to the upper position. Quit a problem particularly in this piece.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for posting this, Norman. Music as a representation of the human spirit.

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