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New Bolshoi crisis: They can’t find a conductor for Tsar’s Bride

Vasily Sinaisky’s walkout as chief conductor three weeks ago has left a huge hole in the schedule. There’s a signature new production of Rimsky-Korsakov’s royalist opera coming up in February and no-one’s available to conduct it.

Ria-Novosty reports that the embattled chief exec Vladimir Urin has asked the veteran┬áVladimir Fedoseyev, but he’s too busy. Anyone care to volunteer?

It seems incredible that the Bolshoi Theatre should end 2013 in a worse state than it began.


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  1. I have already conducted the “Tsar’s Bride”! An uneven piece with some truly great moments…

  2. harold braun says:

    Didn’t Barenboim just do it in Berlin?

  3. I can’t speak for his availability, but I can speak for his ability: Richard Milton Barrett conducted the opera, splendidly, a few years ago in Brooklyn. And he’s headed for Moscow to lead the American Masters Academy of Opera, late January. Just putting it out there.

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