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Flash: Simon Bolivar orchestra player is kidnapped in Venezuela

The musician, whose identity is being protected, was seized while travelling from Anzoategui province to Caracas. The victim, a member of the horn section, has played in the main el sistema orchestra for 15 years.

Lawlessness is rife in Venezuela, unchecked by a government that rules by decree.


UPDATE here.

simon bolivar orch

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  1. The news is telling that it’s happened many days ago, but until now family, law enforcement or El Sistema didn’t say anything (Perhaps for the musician security). Any person with minimum of good sense is against the absolutism of Venezuelan government, or even against El Sistema turned to be a merchandise reliquary of it. However, no one deserve such violence and specially an innocent regular person. I wish all the best to this Horn player.

  2. José Bergher says:

    The musician was freed last night (Wed. Dec. 4th). He was not hurt by his captors.

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