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Claudio Abbado gives his Italian salary to charity

Being appointed a state senator for life in Italy comes with a state salary.

Claudio Abbado was happy to accept the title. The money he has renounced. It will go to finance student scholarships at the music school in Fiesole. Nice.


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  1. Marvelous gesture!

  2. Sanda Schuldmann says:

    What a guy! And no one is crying that the money is not staying in Italy! Indeed marvelous!

  3. Massimiliano Baggio says:

    Great musician but, above all, great man indeed.

  4. Daniel Farber says:

    Let’s all hope that 2014 is kinder to Maestro’s health than was 2013.

  5. Mark Mortimer says:


    Could you imagine Maazel, Mehta and a few others giving up their golden fees!?

  6. what a mensch

    mark… dead on… yes.

  7. Tully Potter says:

    The Fiesole school is a lovely place, started by the late Piero Farulli, violist of the Quartetto Italiano for 30-odd years. Abbado has always supported the school. As the son of a very distinguished violinist, he understands the need for expert instruction.

  8. Indeed! I got an alarming call from Italy last week about his condition, and, beyond the gravity of the condition described to me, it seems he is in pain.

  9. That was a reply to Daniel Farber’s post above.

  10. Both Maazel and Mehta have contributed quietly over the years. Maazel has a foundation that supports young artists and Mehta has worked for expenses in Israel his entire career when he could have taken lucrative guest conducting work.

  11. Marco Gambino says:

    Grande Claudio

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