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Bolshoi maestro explains his walkout: ‘It was intolerable, unbearable, boring…’

Vasily Sinaisky, who quit yesterday as chief conductor, tells Ria-Novosti that working with the Bolshoi general director, Vladimir Urin, was ‘uninteresting and intolerable’. My departure, he adds, ‘is the result of four months working with Mr Urin.’

Read here. We wonder what passes for normal at the Bolshoi.


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  1. “ne-interesno” (неинтересно) is “not interesting”, Norman.

    • …but dollars seem to trickle through the piece.

      ‘”At last I’m free,” Sinaisky said.

      ‘Speaking of future plans, Sinaisky said he regularly receives proposals for concerts. He said he is already trying to narrow down bookings with the best orchestras — ones that he’s interested in.’

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