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Another Messiah disaster – this time it’s organ failure in the Hallelujah


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  1. OUCH!

  2. Alan Penner says:

    The organ is called “The King of Instruments” for a reason. Apparently this one didn’t give it the respect it deserves.

  3. This is news? Guess you’re not around organists much. What did Stravinsky call it again? “The beast that never breathes.”

  4. it has been suggested that the organist pressed a transposition stop by mistake hence the unsavoury sounding cluster.

  5. David Boxwell says:

    “Messiah,” Messiaen. . . so close, yet so far.

  6. José Bergher says:

    Never mind the technique. What counts is the feeling.

  7. I’m glad that it wasn’t me playing.

  8. Ugly electronic sound – sometimes the transposer is a set of buttons under one manual, just waiting to be bumped.

  9. Somehow I like this Ives version, it’s always been misunderstood.

    • Isn’t he the one with the card beside the tip jar: “will stop playing organ if you buy my insurance”?

  10. cabbagejuice says:

    Ha, ha, this just made my day. It wasn’t an organ failure but the organist who realized he was in the wrong key and corrected it just before the end.

  11. @cabbagejuice Still an organ failure, even if the organ that failed is the brain of the organist! ;)

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