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What the top piano tuner really thinks

Peter Salisbury is piano technician at London’s South Bank and one of the best tuners in the business. He started out as a player. What does he think of the professionals? Lovely new interview on the Yamaha site.
peter salisbury

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  1. Sanda Schuldmann says:

    Wonderful interview

  2. Susan Sonnenberg says:

    Loved his dedication and huge commitment to eliciting the best from these
    wonderful instruments . Learnt a lot.

  3. Neil van der Linden says:

    And if one wants to see a really brilliant short film about a piano tuner, here is one.. Don’t read the notes, they are a spoiler.

  4. Neil van der Linden says:

    Sorry this is the correct link now

  5. I have often wished to be a PianoTuner. How does one get into this occupation?

  6. I gave up on this as I had no idea what CFX was but first part was interesting.

  7. Fergus Johnston says:

    CFX is a Yamaha piano model.

  8. CFX is the new grand concert size model by Yamaha. Their top product.

    • Thank you Franck and Fergus. I thought it might be some sort of Special effects like theatre and film use FX as a shorthand.

  9. @Larry, you need preternatural ears to begin with.

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