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Rising star has her phone stolen while playing in a church

It has been quite a week for Alexandra Dariescu, the Romanian-born UK pianist.

At one end, she won a Woman of the Future award. At the other, she had her phone nicked while playing a recital. Here’s what she tells us:

Absolutely outraged- my phone was stolen from my dressing room while on stage, during the second half of my recital in the United Reformed Church in Guildford this afternoon. I suppose you win some, you lose some… A heck of a week!


alexandra dariescu3

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  1. Jeffrey Levenson says:

    Sorry but this seems like first world problem.

    • Theft, especially occurring from a place you expect to be safe, is hardly exclusive to the first world.

  2. My heart goes out to the “Woman of the Future award” recipient and “rising star “.
    I hope she will recover soon from this terrible loss.

    • Michael, that feels unnecessarily sarcastic.
      Woman has ‘phone stolen. Comments on fact. Accepts it stoically.
      I see no histrionics that might be worthy of your sarcasm nor Jeffrey’s remark.

  3. I have noticed that some female members of my area orchestra have their handbags under their chairs during concerts. One might think security would be a ‘given.’ Silly me.

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