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Naked artist nails his scrotum to Red Square in anti-Putin protest

Peter Pavlenskogo, who has previously protested on behalf of the Pussy Riot prisoners, told police that his action was a cry against the ‘apathy, indifference and political fatalism‘ of modern Russia. Doctors ruled him sane and he is being held in custody.


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  1. Now had that been Peter Tatchell outside the Barbican perhaps a few more people might have turned up to his last anti-Gergiev event…

  2. Sanity is an increasingly subjective thing these days, methinks.

  3. OUCH!!

  4. Evelyn Rogers Gaudiano says:

    And that action wasn’t crazy? Think I may become a psychiatrist!

  5. Self-immolation is so last-decade.

  6. Patrick Armstrong says:

    Ummm… Red Square is cobblestones…. what did he hammer the bail into?

  7. Patrick Armstrong says:

    “nail” not “bail”

  8. Why didn’t they just leave him there?

  9. Brave man. I admire his stance and the action which is important. Shame on Putin and his government. Thank you for sharing this story.

  10. Brings a whole new meaning to “nailing it.”

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