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Feminist symbols in the Arab world #1: Qatar’s World Cup stadium




qatar stadium

The design is by Zaha Hadid, Iraqi-born British architect. See more below:

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  1. Jeffrey Levenson says:

    I see an upcoming concert by Pussy Riot!

  2. Maybe Sir Norman could design a version of the Gherkin to be erected next to that?

  3. Bosse Bergkvist says:

    A feminine symbol, indeed! But “feminist” symbol?

  4. A new version of Gustave Courbet’s famous painting “L’origine du monde”!

    • I’ve long since lost track of what feminism means, and I did not understand it in the first place. This seems as good a symbol as any!

  5. Neil van der Linden says:

    Having studied biology, and from my interest in herbology before, I can say the shape also reminds me of the stoma that is part of the plant leaf structure. And that would also make a symbolic sense. While I also like it that if Hadid indeed made a reference the female genitalia, which effect she must have considered, it is also an attempt maybe to take the shape out from a sexist context. It is intended as respectful, not as a dirty joke.
    But here is an article by a (woman) journalist for the Guardian about the symbolism. NB She wrote it before she realised that the architect was (nobody less than) Zaha Hadid! (Woman, and from the Arab world).

  6. Built by near slave labour, according to reports.

  7. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show have special coverage of this stadium:

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