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Boston maestro gets hung in Brum

Andris Nelsons conducts Beethoven 7

Music director Andris Nelson will not be leaving the city of Birmingham unremembered. Norman Perryman has completed a wall portrait for Symphony Hall to be unveiled next Wednesday. Read the artist’s version here.

photo (c) Norman Perryman/Lebrecht Music&Arts

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  1. Very clever headline. Looks like a young Jack Nicholson. (“Honey, I’m home!)

  2. The actual Shining quote is “Wendy, I’m home” (reference: imdb). But to stay with the same film (because the artwork seems so bloody), I think “Heeeereeee’s Andrisssssss!” would be equally appropriate, as well as “All work and no play makes Andris a dull boy.”

  3. Brilliant! (And, thank you for the correction.)

  4. Prewartreasure. says:

    Marvellous image!

    Norman has captured the young maestro’s over-enthusiastic and infectious conducting style perfectly.

    I have an original ‘Perryman’ in my home: his works are so immediate and arresting. This one is super.

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