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Which Chopin pianist has just made his debut as a Vogue model?

Apparently, the Chopin tartan is the look of the season

jan lisiecki2

… unless you prefer a more 1930s look. See Vogue.jan lisiecki3

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  1. And this is why DG produces his CDs faster than those of Maria JoĆ£o Pires… Sad times, since she’s a more interesting pianist.

  2. Tempered Woman says:

    OMG This is so degrading. Ok, it’s true. No more chance for ugly musicians… If you want to be a soloist, you have to be a fashion model and such things as well.
    Music schools have to include model training into their education and they also should cooperate with aesthetic clinics.

  3. What’s next, pin-up modeling? Pfff

  4. Atar Peled says:

    This is exactly how someone like David Aaron Carpenter and his vampire orchestra operate. Just sell the looks seeking attention but nothing else. Thankfully the boy Liesiecki has quite a talent as a musician.

  5. less tempered woman says:

    I have to disagree. Lisiecki would not last two rounds into the Chopin Competition even. You can’t be fooled by the promotion he receives from Deutsche Grammophon and the rest of the industry. Absolutely nothing sets him apart. Not even this photoshoot.

  6. Donald Wright says:

    I’ve heard recitals by Lisiecki, e.g., from Verbier, and am trying to withhold judgment. The playing is certainly more sensitive than that of some of the single-syllable-surnamed artists from the East who are making their rounds through the concert venues of the world, but I do wonder whether his musicianship in time will prove as great a selling point as his looks currently are. I do hope so.

  7. Dinshaw burjorjee says:

    He must be reasonably good for gramophone Magazine to name him artist of the year. He’s very young – Mario Jo Pires has at least a couple of decades on him.

  8. Lisiecki has just one facial expression, and it’s not much different from his musical expression.

    • Donald Wright says:

      OK, now I know I’m being really mean, but … not only do I agree with you Paul, but I also find that when JL talks he has only one demeanor and tone, and it’s stuck on the “vapid” setting. It almost seems as if there’s something not quite right, as if perhaps he were afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome of a very high-functioning sort, and as if his talent sprang from that source. Thank goodness I’m nobody of renown, however, because I shudder to think what inanities must have sprung from my lips at his age, and, alas, uncoupled with his talent!

    • Toss can in knee says:

      yes, but his marketers know the women will be fainting with pleasure.

  9. It seems there is nothing like success to make people jealous or mean or .intolerant. Jan is in the early stages of his work, and only old enough now to be able to register by himself at a hotel. If DG didn’t promote his work and him as a human being, everyone would complain. Artists are people we all want to know, not only on stage but off as well. Let’s see what our ‘experts’ have to say 10 years from now. Ann

  10. I, for one, don’t begrudge Lisiecki his time in the limelight, however long or short that proves to be. I do, however, question his willingness to go along with whatever his handlers want him to do. How do hair gel and make up and ill-fitting clothes contribute to promoting Lisiecki as a human being?

  11. I agree with you there and I’m rather surprised because he and his family are very down to earth, solid, people. It’s a puzzle. Ann

  12. It was a musical-themed issue of l’uomo Vogue in Italy with other musicians featured as well… don’t overthink it !

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