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Verdi gets another flash… from a very pink clarion

verdi flashmob

Choral groups, first time singers, the BBC Symphony Chorus and many more gather in Covent Garden for a unique performance of Verdi’s ‘Va, pensiero’, led by Dominic Peckham.

Musical Director: Dominic Peckham.
Cameras: Richard Andrews, Andrew Smillie, Andrew Saunders, Lawrence Huck.
Film directed by Andrew Smillie

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  1. ‘Be the first to like this’. Says it all.

  2. That’s more like a REAL flash mob. Thanks Radio 3

  3. mariskaviolin says:

    Could have used a few strings and winds in the backup band, the all-brass setup makes it sound a little like Oktoberfest. That said, a Va Pensiero flash mob is probably the best possible birthday tribute to Verdi – I played in one the other day in NYC, in a rather Italian-heavy environment – the moment the melody was heard, there was a wild storm of applause, and people were crying by the end.

  4. Sanford Rothenberg says:

    The original “flash mob” performance of “Va,Pensiero” occurred at Verdi’s funeral in 1901.This version was transposed down a half step,and performed in F Major,instead of the original F-sharp Major.

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