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St Louis in mourning for bassoonist, 27

We have been informed that Andrew Thompson, contrabassoonist and bassoonist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, has died suddenly of a heart attack aged 27. He was reportedly with friends at the time. They described him as ‘a home-grown, world-class talent’. Here’s the notice.


Television tributes here:

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  1. He appears in this clip…

  2. Steve Foster says:

    At the risk of touching on the macabre, I wish they would’ve announced the cause of death. 27 is an extremely alarming age to pass on.

    • Malcolm James says:

      If he’s died suddenly they will need to have a PM to establish this, so they probably don’t know.

  3. Rick Yoder says:
  4. The cause as reported in the news was a massive heart attack, the result of an undiagnosed genetic abnormality.

  5. Sylvia Alimena says:

    This is tragic and brings me sadly back to the heartbreaking memory of the death of another wonderfully talented man, Scott Parkinson, Principal Trombonist of the Buffalo Philharmonic who died of the same heart issue at 26. Such young men and such a tragic a loss for the music world. I’m sad for his family and the orchestra.

  6. No words can express such a loss of life. Prayers of faith to his loved ones and to the SLSO.

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